Change that matters #1 – webinar on strategy execution

An intensive tour-de-force on Workz’s approach to strategy execution and driving change. On our methodology, inspirations and hard-earned learnings from countless change projects. Basically, our take on what really works when change matters.

Key topics that we will explore:

  • Strategy execution and organizational friction.
  • Pitfalls on the change journey.
  • Driving alignment and autonomy.
  • Leading from trust.
  • Engagement, backbriefing and sense of ownership.
  • Culture transformation and behavioral change.
  • Tools for change – gamification and designed conversations.

The host of the event is our CEO Ask Agger. The program runs from 15:30-17:00 CET and includes a Q&A session and short reflections with the other participants. The event is reserved for people who work internally in complex organizations with strategy execution and change processes.

This 90 min. webinar on strategy execution is the first of four virtual sessions on the key topics that excite us the most at Workz. The three following sessions will cover leadership development, cultural transformation and summit design.