Take engaging leadership summits online

In a world of change, one thing remains the same: Organisations need to align, create shared understandings, and anchor new strategies.

With physical summits largely out of reach, virtual summits are right now the only option for gathering their leaders and specialists, but it might also be the future for many organisations.

But what can such a leadership summit look like? How do you make it successful? And what does it take to make it?

Online summits that align and engage

At Workz we have built extensive experience designing virtual leadership summits together with our dedicated clients.  And at this virtual symposium, we are sharing out best experiences and advice for how to make a virtual leadership summit that truly matters.

When done right, virtual summits are an opportunity to get amazing results with far less resources. But it requires a next level mindset, hard prioritisations, and extremely thorough preparation. On the other hand, these are the exact factors that can help you transform the virtual leadership summit from a substitute to an effectful success in its own right. At this symposium we will zoom in on how.

Join us on December 10th

We will cover the key topics and decisions when making a leadership summit: The design, the programme and content, how to make it engaging, the whole planning process, and tips and tricks. We will not go too deep into technical details, but we will touch upon the most important questions to consider when choosing the set-ups.

This virtual symposium will be particularly useful if you are involved in the decision making or planning of a virtual leadership summit, whether you are anchored in HR, Communication, or management support disciplines, but everyone is welcome.

Choose your timeslot

This online session will run twice in the same day, first at 10-11.30 and again from 13-14.30. Please use the comments box when you sign up below to let us know which session you would like to join.