Gamechangers® certification

Interested in driving strategy execution through stakeholder engagement? Then be sure to get certified in our leadership simulation, Gamechangers®.

For participants of our simulation games to get the best possible learning and results out of the experience, we require all who wish to facilitate the simulation games to attend our certification workshop and gain a personal certificate.


A Gamechangers® certification workshop is a two day event where you play the simulation game through, discuss the theories behind it, and learn to facilitate the simulation game in your own context. 


The simulation game Gamechangers® is the focus of the certification. Over the two days you will play the game, discuss the game mechanics, and become a superuser of our leadership simulation.

In addition to learning about the tool, you'll also learn about the theories behind it. You will learn how it integrates with popular theories about negotiation, conflict resolution, influence styles and change leadership.

Last but not least, we will teach you how to use the tools in your own context and use situation. The most important element, when using games in training, is their ability to create new thoughts on good leadership and reflections on current behaviour. As a facilitator of our game, the biggest value is to transfer learnings and new insights from the game into real actions that will improve the participants’ leadership behaviour.


To succesfully facilitate one of our simulation games, it is recommended to have previous experience in facilitation.

You will have the chance to network with other people learning to facilitate the simulation game in their own organisations and together you gain new perspectives on how to facilitate.


For further information about content and pricing please contact us, ref. contact details to the right or sign up below.


Often, when certifying a larger number of facilitators from the same organisation, we arrange a custom workshop at the required location.

We've also run certification workshops in connection to conferences and events we have attended.