Get certified in our leadership tool Bridgebuilders

Our simulations are built around key leadership dilemmas and tailored to work in depth with organizational change, strategy and people. They will test and train critical skills that illustrate the impact of leaders’ planning, reflection and decision-making on their teams and outcomes.

Bridgebuilders is specifically aimed at training leaders to enable distributed teams to perform across distance.


Would you like to run this simulation for colleagues or clients?

To run and facilitate one of the leadership simulations you need to participate in a certification course.

Starting in September, you can join our Bridgebuilders open certification course.

bridgebuilder programme


Read and see more about the Bridgebuilders simulation and sign up using the form below if you would like to join our open certification course. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Global Partnering and Certification Lead, Ditte Marie Kaae.