How do we get the culture right?

conversation on culture

When we look at current corporate strategy launches, more and more of these include a ‘culture’ component: an element to suggest that a change of culture will support other parts of the strategy. 

It seems safe to assume that organisational culture can be leveraged to support strategy, but how do we make sure the existing culture doesn’t eat the new strategy for breakfast? And with increasing levels of remote work, how do we work actively to shape culture?  

In this conversation, Morten and Ask are joined by Teija Saari, Head of CoE of Organisational Development and Social Responsibility at Grundfos. Together they will examine basic assumptions about culture’s role in strategy execution as well as ways to work proactively with culture. 

The content of the conversation is largely driven by your input, so this is your opportunity to get inquisitive and chase the insights you’re looking for. 


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