Leadership development at a distance

leadership development

The need for direction and motivation through leadership has only become more pressing this past year, but how do we train leaders online?

Whether at a large-scale leadership academy or a one-on-one coaching session leadership development faces unique challenges in a virtual world. Learn to leverage the virtual medium to create leadership development that reaches across distance, but still creates an intimate space for the individual leader.

Leadership development is a personal and professional journey. You cannot grow as a leader without growing as a person and that means putting yourself on the line. This requires you to be vulnerable. How does that feel in a virtual work setting and how is it facilitated?

At this talk you can expect a varied webinar format consisting of interviews, video segments and expert opinions. We have invited Dr. Thomas Gartenmann, Managing Partner, Aergon.

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This is a part of a three-day event. You can check out all the sessions on leading organisations in a virtual setting here.