Leadership Training – Wallbreakers certification course


Become licensed to ignite change in your team and organization

Join us for two intense and insightful days and become a certified trainer in Wallbreakers. As a certified trainer you are equipped to navigate through corporate change initiatives – minimizing resistance and maximizing success.


Wallbreakers is a gamed-based tool designed to support and empower your change journey. This is done by practicing decision making, testing assumptions, and seeing the impact of your plan unfold, the good and the bad. In short, Wallbreakers will help you brush up on your change leadership skills and give you the opportunity to reflect and discuss your change strategy in a risk-free and engaging learning environment.


Driving change can be a grind. As a certified trainer you will be able to facilitate a dynamic process that prepares your team or your client for real life action with a solid starting block; a common language, a shared view on pitfalls and a look into tacit knowledge among team members to be applied in the change journey ahead.

As a certified trainer, you can facilitate the Wallbreakers leadership simulation as stand-alone training workshops or incorporate the tool in larger training programs and corporate academies.   

Is this for you?

This certification workshop is for professionals working with leadership development in complex organizations. Previous experience with facilitation and leadership training is highly recommended.


In addition to learning how to master the tool, you will get a deep understanding of the theories behind it. Wallbreakers is a real-life simulation meshed with popular theories on personality types, organizational culture, and change processes.

You will learn how to use Wallbreakers in various settings for various purposes, and how to introduce reflection exercises and transfer tools extracting learnings from simulation to reality.

Last but not least, you will get an opportunity to network with other professional trainers and share your insights and best practices.  



Sign up using the form below. The price is €2,343 per participant. This includes food and drinks both days. 

For more information please send an email to Global Partnering and Certification Lead Ditte Marie Kaae at dmk@workzchange.com