Online seminar: How to facilitate Playmakers virtually

Are you a certified Playmakers facilitator? Then read on!

Our leadership simulation Playmakers® can now be used for online training. We have created a fully virtual edition, complete with the dilemmas and challenges of leading a team with different competencies and personalities to high performance as presented in the original. 

We are still firm believers in the power of face-to-face dialogues, however, organisations unable to gather participants face-to-face should not miss out on leadership training. For this reason we now support a fully virtual facilitation of our award-winning simulations. 

Facilitating virtually

On April 15, we offer a free online seminar to introduce the online version of the game, the different virtual and hybrid usage scenarios and how to facilitate them.

You get to learn all about...

  • The virtual game and how to recreate the face-to-face experience using PowerPoint in combination with MS Teams, or one of the online white boards like Miro and Mural
  • WB Online, the digital version of our participant materials
  • How to run a fully virtual session or how to combine the digital material with physical game for a hybrid experience
  • Best practises for running simulations and reflections virtually

On top of this you get to network with other Playmakers facilitators and share experiences on how to handle the post-COVID new normal.

Join us

The seminar is free and only for certified Playmakers facilitators. 
If you are not certified but curious to know more, please reach out to us.
The seminar is virtual and runs from 1:00pm - 3:00 pm CEST.