Rethinking the Leadership Summit

Design tricks and fresh learnings for virtual summits

When the pandemic struck earlier this year, all companies were scrambling to adjust plans and initiate emergency measures. A part of the response from most companies was to cancel or postpone all scheduled leadership summits or conferences.

At LEO Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company within dermatology, this was not an option. Instead of delaying essential business decisions and communication, LEO Pharma chose to transform the planned face-to-face event into a virtual leadership gathering.

Going virtual

Rather than doing a traditional webinar, LEO Pharma, with the assistance of Workz and Creative Technology, designed and executed a captivating two-day program that combined plenary sessions with engaging breakouts and a high degree of active participant involvement. It was essential to leverage the virtual opportunities instead of just trying to digitise traditional formats from physical events. 

Usually, top managements summits are designed, planned and prepared months in advance, but the virtual LEO100 event was redesigned and executed in weeks. Extraordinary circumstances called for utmost speed and agility.

Informal debriefing 

On June 30, we invite event designers and transformation leads from large organisations to join us in Copenhagen for an informal debriefing.

How did the execution go? How was it perceived by the participants? And what was the key learnings?

The session will run from 9.00 to 10.30 at The Plant, which functioned as the main studio for LEO100.

Malene Kingo Christensen, Global Head of Change Enablement at LEO Pharma and project lead for LEO100, will share learnings, mistakes and reflections in collaboration with Ask Agger and Kristin Staveli Pettersen from Workz, and Olof Bull from Creative Technology.  

Join us

This informal debriefing, hosted by Workz, Creative Technology and The Plant, is for everybody who works internally with designing, planning and executing large corporate events, especially if you are considering to go virtual at your next leadership summit.