US certification'athon

In February 2021 we plan to host a four day combined certification in three of our leadership simulations; Wallbreakers®, Gamechangers® and Bridgebuilders®.

Certification program

The two first days cover the Wallbreakers certification as well as generic information on facilitating our simulations. Attending the first two days makes it possible to become certified in the two other games each in a day.

Thus it is possible to attend all four days or combine the two first days with any of the two others for a three day/two simulation combonation.

  • Wallbreakers (Day 1+2)
  • Bridgebuilder (Day 1+3)
  • Gamechangers (Day 1+4)

Note that the specific dates are preliminary and subject to change.


The certification will be hosted and facilitated by our CEO, Ask Agger.

Interested in joining us?

Please let us know if you are interested using the sign-up form below. 

Use the comments field to let us know what days you are interested in as well as any other request you might have.

If you are interested, but cannot attend February 9-12th please let us know any alternative dates that might suit you better. We will then try to accommodate as many as possible.