Wallbreakers® certification - virtual

The pace of change will never be as slow as it is today. Is your organisation geared for executing change that sticks? 

Wallbreakers® is a leadership simulation tool. It helps leaders test different leadership strategies and train the skills needed to implement an organisational change - and make it stick!

Wallbreakers® is a captivating simulation of a change process that offers managers a safe forum to try out difficult leadership skills. The simulation focuses on how to motivate employees to take part in the desired change, and how the different phases of change require different forms of leadership in order to transform resistance towards change into understanding, acceptance and support.

Wallbreakers® uses game dynamics and is built around a specific business case. Participants work in groups of three to six. Each group has to navigate a team of fictitious employees through a change process in three phases. The groups work on change intensity, prioritising of resources, and handling various personality types and individual needs among the employees.

Wallbreakers® is based on a series of well-established theories on personality types, management, organisational culture, and change processes, including MBTI/JTI, Edgar Schein, John Kotter, Rick Maurer and Daniel Goleman.  

For the participants of our simulation games to get the best possible learning and results out of the experience, we require all who wish to facilitate the simulation games to attend our certification workshop and gain a personal certificate.


A Wallbreakers® certification workshop is a two-day training course. Over the two days you will play the game, learn the game mechanics, and become a superuser of the Wallbreakers®leadership simulation.

You will also learn about the theories behind the tool and you will learn, how it integrates with established theories about change processes, leadership, organisational culture, and personality types and preferences. Last but not least, we will teach you how to use the tool in your own organizational context and use situation, and how to make changes stick in your own organization.


To successfully facilitate one of our simulation games, it is recommended to have previous experience in facilitation and leadership development.

You will have the chance to network with other people learning to facilitate the simulation game in their own organisations and together you gain new perspectives on how to facilitate.


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