What is the next normal in gathering employees?

conversation with experts

We are one year down the road of social distancing. Even though partial re-openings are on the horizon, we’ve come to realise that virtual engagement is here to stay – for environmental, cost-effectiveness, scalability and other reasons. 

In this conversation, we will talk about key findings within virtual engagement and how these will impact conferences and summits going forward.

Which formats will go back to the way they were before, which will stay virtual, and what can we do with new hybrid formats? Because as we enter the next normal, our job will be to choose and use the new formats wisely.

The session is hosted by Morten and Ask, and we will have Christina Weber-Villumsen, Communication Director, Novo Nordisk in the studio. The content of the conversation is largely driven by your input - so this is your opportunity to get inquisitive and chase the insights you’re looking for!

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