Cecilie Rie Overgaard

Senior Graphic Designer | Design and development

Cecilie Rie or better known as ’Rie’ is a graphic designer with an eye for detail and a strong ability to create visual identities and concept solutions. She always goes into new projects with curiosity and the desire to understand the customer before doing the best suited design. She often finds her inspiration from her many visits to museums and art galleries. 

Rie holds a BA in Architecture and a master’s degree in Graphic Design from KADK. Most recently, she has deep dived into design processes and the theories behind the creative ways of facilitating by taking a diploma in Strategic Design and Management. Before joining the Workz team, she worked at the design agency BystedFFW doing everything from visual identities, complex infographics, corporate reports and website-layout. 

Outside of work Rie spends most of her time outdoors hiking with her best hiking companion, her dog Luna. She is a real Dane with a huge love for salty liquorice and swims in the ocean all year round.