Ida Damsgaard

Operations Assistant | Office

As an Operations Assistant, Ida plays a key role at the Workz office. She gives her all to keep our workplace running smoothly from welcoming our guests with a warm cup of coffee and preparing meeting materials, to organising our storage rooms and making sure our games reach our partners abroad safely.

Ida is socially inclined and spends a lot of time with friends, but occasionally she carves out some me-time and cooks dinner for herself – typically inspired by the Italian cuisine, preferably risotto or spaghetti aglio e olio.

Ida is a movie enthusiast, and she binges everything from good old classics to modern movies. This sparked her interest in the media industry and lead her to an internship in scenography, where she enjoyed being on set and soaking up the behind-the-scene atmosphere. At the same time, Ida is very much into history and fascinated by how the past is affecting who we are, and how we live today. A dream scenario would be to combine her love for movies and history in a study programme in the future.