Jolantha Thaning Haarbye

Graphic Designer | Design and development

Jolantha is a graphic designer with a playful approach to design. She likes to come up concepts and push boundaries for what is possible - yet has respect for a consistent visual communication. Jolantha appreciate every part of the design process – all the way from ideation to finalizing and rolling out the design to multiple formats. She enjoys how concepts and stories come to life and evolve over time. She’s driven for making a change by using her design skills and believes that, used correctly, design can help turn the world in a better and more visual direction.

Jolantha holds a BA in Visual Communication with special focus on Graphic Design from DMJX. Furthermore, she has studied at Shillington School of Graphic Design in New York. Before coming to Workz, she worked within the political field and has designed materials for several politicians during elections, but also worked with visual communication for a diverse set of unions.

When not sitting in front of a computer, Jolantha has a huge passion for food. You’ll either find her in a new restaurant or cooking in her kitchen. Jolantha is very adventurous when working with food, and she is always tempted to challenging the recipe – sometimes resulting in dinner not turning out as planned.