Lars Vilhelmsen

Senior Consultant | Consultants

Lars is a senior consultant with a specialty in digital games and tools that facilitate learning and cooperation. From experience he knows games as powerful illustrations of dynamic processes and effective tools for communicating complex messages.

Lars has conceptualised, designed, directed and/or project managed a broad selection of games, fictions and processes for formal or casual learning. From interactive sms fictions, over recruitment storytelling, eLearning design, computer aided board games to casual learning online games and formal learning games. Target groups have been equally diverse; from third graders in school to experienced sales people at work, from social workers on the west coast of Jutland to top managers in a global corporation.

Lars holds a master's degree in Danish (Litt.) and Philosophy, a SCRUM Master certification and a 4MAT Mastering Training Design Certification. 


  • Instructional Designer (Effective Learning/GP Strategies)
  • Digital Project Manager (Responsfabrikken)
  • Game Director, Project Lead, (Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR))
  • Project Lead, Game Designer, Writer, (Learning Lab Denmark/DPU)
  • Game Designer, Writer, Conceptualiser (Sjuzet, Freelance)