Maria Klingenberg

Senior Graphic Designer | Design and development

Maria is a graphic designer at Workz, where she specializes in many of our illustration projects across digital platforms and printed media. She is a craft designer with a delicate sense of visual communication.

Maria always keeps her creative ambitions high and quality in focus. She applies her competencies of design as well as her insights and experiences throughout every project at Workz.

As a designer she widens her intellectual horizon of contemporary trends within the design field – that enlightens her and broadens her creative playground. As a professional her workflow is driven by researching, brainstorming, conception and sketching by hand.

She has worked with visual identities, logo design, information graphic and character design.

Maria holds a master’s degree in Visual Culture and Identity from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, and she is particularly interested is involving and engaging people through visual concepts. She has previously worked for Umano – Strategic film and Design.

In her spare time Maria is cycling the rich nature of Vestamager and designs handcrafted art posters and collages to Danish interior shops.