Olivia Aisha Bay

Operations Assistant | Office

As an Operations Assistant, Olivia is one of the precious office fairies at Workz. She gives her best to make the life in our workplace as smooth and cosy as possible: from welcoming our guests with a warm cup of coffee to preparing the meeting materials, keeping order in our storage rooms and packing the games for travelling abroad to our partners.

Olivia has always been passionate about music and singing. Although she was more actively involved during the Boarding School, she still occasionally lets her voice play a bit. She also likes drawing – usually people and nature. But our favorite here at Workz might be her interest in cooking. Delicious aromas occasionally fill our office and are usually followed by Olivia’s call: “I made some cake. Go help yourself!”

She keeps her options open about the future and is curious about discovering what will it bring. However one thing is for sure – she wants to work with people, perhaps also communication, while having the freedom to travel.