Thea Boutrup Petersen

Consultant, Marketing & Event Lead | Design and development

Thea is a devoted communicator and the designated copywriter at Workz. Finding inspiration in everything from classic Aristotle to tweets she produces content for web, social media, newsletters and the tools and games at Workz.

Over time she has developed content within different industries, and she has been putting brand value into words for musicians, artist, breweries, architects and insurance companies in Denmark and Australia.

Since her studies in organisational communication at Copenhagen Business School, Thea has been interested in motivation and involvement in the work setting, which lead her to Workz. Now she is crafting copy that helps clients of Workz succeed in their organisations, and she shares the stories of how the change agency is making a difference in consulting. 

Outside of the office, Thea is a Yin yoga instructor, body therapist and a committed music quizmaster.