The change journey

Change is hard. In 1995, Professor John Kotter concluded that only 30% of change projects are successful – two times out of three, our efforts fall short. Year after year, new studies confirm these unfavourable odds. There is even strong evidence that the need for change is accelerating. Competition is getting tougher.

But there is hope. Many of the reasons change initiatives fail are well-documented. One essential problem is our tendency to underestimate and underprioritise the “softer” aspects of change – stakeholder relationships, employee engagement, meaningful communication and the importance of culture. We need a different approach to leadership and change management in order to handle organisational resistance and create engagement.

A wheel of change

Our cross-disciplinary team of consultants and designers provides ongoing assistance throughout long-term change efforts but can also function as a rapid response team if you have a particular challenge that needs to be handled fast.

For larger international projects we engage our international network of partners if there is a special need – e.g. a local trainer that speaks Portuguese for a management seminar in Brazil.