Organisational strategy development

In 2008 FOA asked Workz to come up with an innovative take on the future central administration of the association. The objective was to contribute to the internal work with inspirational input from outside the organisation.

FOA had developed a large and inflexible central administration and in connection with a renewal of FOA and an adjustment of a stagnating membership the central administration had to be re-evaluated and re-organised.

FOA required a completely new viewpoint on the organisation and the central administration and we therefore, very untraditionally, worked at a distance from the organisation. In that way, we ensured that FOA's culture and basic assumptions did not affect the result, which had to represent a whole new way of perceiving the organisation.

Based on our own background, internal strategy documents, publicly accessible information and a meeting with the central administration's management we developed a number of scenarios constructed to inspire development and re-conceptualisation of the central administration.

 The final result was a report and three scenarios:

  • DogmaFOA – minimal administration based on the structure of "Filmbyen".
  • InnoFOA – the innovative organisation based on the rights of ideas.
  • NetworkFOA – the network-based trade union based on the logic of the network society.

The rights of ideas ended up as an integrated part of the strategy for the future central administration and Workz has since been asked to help with a strategy seminar and to arrange FOA Activist Camp 2010.