How do you work with sales in the accounting industry?

The Association of Registered Public Accountants wanted to increase sales and cross-selling of their four central services. The commercial director, Steen Rath, asked Workz to develop a simple and effective solution, which would work in a relatively conservative line of business.

With inspiration from Michael T. Bosworth’s book "Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets" we developed a cards based conversation tool. The tool helps structure a productive dialogue, identify the clients needs and challenges and focus on how the association’s services could create value.

The simple tool, which was later further developed into the process tool Key Issues Change, is surprisingly apt at getting the members to talk about their central challenges and it quickly contributed to the identification of potential new services for the association.

"By letting the customers handle the cards themselves it is our experience that they commit more to the rules of the games than to their own “seller’s paradox” and that the customers discover their own unmet needs. It also functions as a lever for our account managers since it gives them an opportunity to talk about needs instead of products with the customers” says Steen Rath, Commercial Director of the Association of Registered Public Accountants.