Change management

At Workz, we have specialised in strategic storytelling

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We know that it is virtually impossible to drive growth, value and innovation if we keep doing wh

A few thoughts on leading organisational transformation while balancing alignment and autonom

Most of our clients and end-users are highly specialised within their area of knowledge.

A large part of our work revolves around designing custom-made solutions that support learning in

What do tribesmen, kings, entrepreneurs and human resource professionals have in common?

What are the keys to successful organisational transformation?

John Kotter, the author of XLR8, is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, at

Games are powerful tools in training and preparing organisations for change.

When it comes to change a major obstacle is often the lack of understanding and the huge amou

With the expected life spans of companies decreasing these years, the margin in which they ar

Change is hard.

When the international insurance conglomerate RSA set out to sharpen the focus on its Nordic stra