Dialogue and process tools

For Universal Robots, rapid growth has crea

How do you engage 18,000+ colleagues across 10+ cou

How do you set strategic direction and strengthen a sha

Is a harsh tone of voice just a part of the culture in the restaurant kitchen, at the constru

At Workz, change is our main specialty, and every day we help our clients manage change. But

At Workz, we have specialised in strategic storytelling

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We know that it is virtually impossible to drive growth, value and innovation if we keep doing wh

Even the most talented young networkers need help to get things rolling.

How can design inspire the leadership thinking of Denmark’s top business and governmental minds?<

Everybody knows testing is important.

Most of our clients and end-users are highly specialised within their area of knowledge.

A large part of our work revolves around designing custom-made solutions that support learning in

Risk identification and management is important, but how do you promote a culture of active risk

What are the keys to successful organisational transformation?

“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play", wrote 

Do you have a change challenge, and do none of our generic games fit?

How do you ignite thousands of union members to take local action? 

Arla Foods, a leading global dairy company, in February 2016 hosted a summit aiming to establish

The teaching unit of LO, the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, needed a way to facilitate con

How can sustainability be utilised in business development to increase sales with existing custom

How do you create an opportunity for all employees to actively contribute to the implementation o

Region Hovedstaden (The Capital Region of Denmark) is working to become more innovative at all le

The municipality of Copenhagen is undergoing an important change these years when it comes to the

Training is at the top of the agenda, when Novozymes' global organisation gathers its employees f

For Danish Railways (DSB) safety is about trying to avoid or minimise the next train accident, wh

How do you go about engaging 5000 union representatives in the debate about post employment benef

In 2010 the trade union FOA needed to strengthen the commitment among their members in preparatio

In 2009, Coop Nonfood launched a new set of values.