Learning and training

As a child, I was mortified of dogs.

For Universal Robots, rapid growth has crea

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How do you engage 18,000+ colleagues across 10+ cou

The British Sailing Team (BST) is the most succes

How can leadership simulations be used to harness critical change leadership skills?

In the last decade, the process of taking pharmaceutical products to market has changed.

Safety comes first.

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How do you address collaboration and leadership across distance and cultures in a truly global or

Recently I attended a seminar about gamification and serious games.

Risk identification and management is important, but how do you promote a culture of active risk

How do you make sure that all new employees - from train drivers, over catering staff to administ

What are the keys to successful organisational transformation?

In a series of articles, we are introduced to the surprisingly long and rich history of serious g

John Kotter, the author of XLR8, is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, at

Game-based learning is receiving more and more attention as a learning and development tool i

Games are powerful tools in training and preparing organisations for change.

The students of the executive, part-time master’s programme, 

How do you reinforce alignment of purpose, strategy implementation, business understanding, and c

When children and adolescents in Denmark receive traffic education, it is very likely that the ed

One accident at work with a fatal outcome is always one accident too many.

The municipality of Copenhagen is undergoing an important change these years when it comes to the

Can you make better leaders of doctors, midwives and nurses, by having them take on the roles of

Copenhagen University is working intensely on improving the education in all faculties.

In the beginning of Summer 2012 DSB changed their service concept – an organisational and cultura

Every year, the Danish construction business loses billions due to poor cooperation between the p

Training is at the top of the agenda, when Novozymes' global organisation gathers its employees f

Getting new employees off to a good start is crucial in complex organisations.

How do you get highly specialised employees to include considerations of profit, payment rates, a

In 2011 the insurance company Topdanmark was preparing the implementation of their new CRM system

Since 2009 Workz has collaborated with ISS on developing and running some of ISS's internal proje

When the industrial corporation Danfoss was renewing their internal leadership development progra