Strengthen Your Leadership Skills in Outer Space

Leaders may know about the principles of good leadership behaviour. But how does that line up with their actions? Ideals and beliefs are not always translated to behaviour, so how can we close the gap between knowing leadership and practicing leadership? Take a trip to outer space and find out!

Welcome on board

The Leadership Bridge Simulator is a training ground where participants navigate a spaceship and complete their mission in a collaborative effort.  The crew train how to communicate, prioritise, and delegate when plan fails, and deadlines are fast approaching. The alien environment can bring to light the leadership and team interactions that might otherwise be overlooked in normal settings.

The simulator brings you real-time insights anchored in human behaviour and help leaders explore their potential for development more efficiently than any survey, lecture, or coaching session. Boarding this spaceship allows trainers, or accessors to observe how leadership behaviour effects organisational trust, clarity, performance, and collaboration.

Would you like to book a seat?

join us for a test flight

We are inviting you to try the Leadership Bridge Simulator and reflect on what you experience in a session with other specialists on leadership and talent development.

We will be joined by Claus Kristoffersen, Head of People and Culture, KMPG ACOR TAX (previously COWI) who will share his experiences with Leadership Bridge Simulator as a facilitator as well as an organiser on the COWI Talent Accelerator programme.


09.00 Morning crew networking and settling in 
09.20  The how, what, and why of simulations including cases
09.35 Morning crew takes flight on two missions as Bridge Officers
12.00 Debrief and wrap up
12.15 Lunch (all participants)
13.00-13.45 Claus Kristoffersen: Results from the COWI Talent Accelerator program (all participants)
14.00 Afternoon crew networking and settling in
14.20 The how, what, and why of simulations including cases
14.35 Afternoon crew takes flight on two missions as Bridge Officers
17.00 Debrief and wrap up (15 min)


We have 18 spots for each of the two sessions, so sign-up is necessary. The event is free of charge and aimed at professionals working internally with leadership development, team training and talent development.

Please make sure to comment in the text box which of the two sessions you would like to join.