Climate and sustainability

We care about our world and our climate, and we want to do our part to leave the planet in better shape than we inherited it. So, we are committing to reducing the environmental footprints of our business.

As a strategic change agency, we are fortunate to help our clients implement new strategies, and increasingly we see that they have a focus on environmental and sustainability matters. 

We are a small company but believe we can make a significant impact by helping organisations far bigger than us transition to more sustainable ways of thinking within their projects.

But we also believe that we have a responsibility to minimise our own impact as well.

It is our long-term ambition to CO2-neutralise our entire operation, either by using vendors that offer carbon-neutralised options or by buying compensation ourselves. Travelling and printing are where we have the biggest environmental impact, so that is naturally where we have started our journey.


We believe in the power of face-to-face communication, and strongly believe that a well-designed paper tool is an important part of our high-quality solutions. As the world becomes more virtual print plays an increasingly smaller role in our solutions, but we do not drive this change.

  • We print all materials for Danish based projects locally and CO2 compensate everything directly through the printing house.
  • Our Danish print suppliers are all ISO14001 certified.
  • Whenever possible we print on ‘Svanemærket’ and ‘FSC’ paper. 
  • Our long-term goal is that our international vendors also live up to these requirements. 
  • We can offer our clients a cradle-to-cradle printing option, at KLS Pure Print, when time and budget allow. 

On top of this we help make sure all materials designed by us are recycled properly.  

  • We mark materials directly with recycling instructions or guide the end-user through other means. 


Most of our meetings are remote these days, but now and then face-to-face meetings are necessary. We aim to keep our traveling activities capped relatively to our turnover and prioritise sustainable modes of transportation.

  • Within the Copenhagen Area, our first choice is the taxi-company, Viggo, that has a fleet of zero-emission vehicleszero-emission vehicles. We compensate for all other taxi rides, as well as rides in our private cars.
  • When it comes to air travel and hotels, we CO2 compensate either via Goodwings or by using airlines that have CO2 compensation included in the ticket price. If this is not possible, we make the compensation ourselves.
  • When buying compensation, we choose vendors who invest the money in projects that support making space for nature and rewilding, preferably locally.


Beyond more sustainable printing and travelling, we have made a few other choices to limit our impact.

  • Since 2022 we source our electricity from Vindstød that offers CO2-neutral renewable energy.
  • In 2018 we switched to an all-vegetarian lunch menu. We encourage our colleagues to take home left-over food to minimize food waste. Any additional leftovers we deliver to a homeless shelter.
  • We buy our coffee from Ønsk, a Danish Coffee company who purchase all their coffee directly from small farms in Nicaragua to ensure fair pay.