Climate and sustainability

As citizens of the world, we care about the climate and wish to do our best to leave the planet in better shape than we inherited it. 

Through our daily work we are fortunate to help clients implement new strategies. Increasingly these strategies have a sustainability or environmental focus. The hours we spend as consultants and designers can hopefully make a difference for both our clients and the climate. 

We also try to do better ourselves.  Even though we are a small company in a big world, we believe that small initiatives can make a difference when they add up. So instead of doing nothing, we do something. We see this as a journey, and we strive for gradually improving our ability to protect our wonderful world. 

Here is a rundown of the changes we have implemented to make Workz a more sustainable business.

Print is our biggest operational expense by far, and thus a big part of our CO2 footprint. We use paper and printing when producing our different tools that are used for fostering meaningful dialogue and engagement. Fortunately, the printing business has changed a lot in the past ten years. All of our suppliers adhere to the minimum environmental requirements from ‘Svanemærket’ and ‘FSC’ certifications. We also offer our clients a cradle-to-cradle printing option at KLS Pure Print, when time and budget allow. 

We recycle all of our own paper and cardboard.

As our international business grows, the airmiles we fly have increased. We do not have a perfect solution to this yet, but we have implemented the following air-travel reducing policies.

  • When it makes sense, we conduct meetings using teleconference software. For demonstrations we still typically need a physical meeting in order to provide the full experience. We do however try to bundle these so that as little travelling possible is required.
  • We always investigate travel alternatives before flying, and if possible, we travel by train or car, even if it means we take extra travel time and spend an extra night or two out of town. 
  • When we fly, we make sure to CO2 compensate, either via airlines that have Co2 compensation included in the ticket price or directly to agencies handling CO2 compensation. For the account year 2018/19 we used Gold Standard to compensate for the use of CO2 from all of our plane travels. 

In 2018 we switched to an all-vegetarian diet in our lunch menu and at our events. This not only makes sense from a climate perspective it is also the healthier solution. Other than a few instances of fish, eggs and dairy, we have eliminated all animal protein in our servings.

We invite all our employees to take home left-over food to minimize food waste and we encourage them to bring reusable containers to do so instead of using plastic bags. 

We buy our coffee from Ønsk, a Danish Coffee company that purchase all their coffee from small farms in Nicaragua. Ønsk works directly with the farmers to ensure fair pay and they are also working actively to achieve SDG no 1 – No Poverty. SDG no. 8 – Decent work and economic growth. SDG 12 – responsible consumption and production and SDG no. 15 – Life on Land. And their coffee is great! 

The policies and initiatives listed here are evolving all the time. We are constantly looking for changes both big and small to help make our operations more sustainable.

Right now we are in the proces of becoming ISO14001 certified.

Please write to our Sustainability Lead Marie Marvel Olofson, if you have ideas that will fit our line of work or any questions regarding our sustainability policy.