Wallbreakers online - onboarding session, June 8th

Be ready to facilitate the new online version of Wallbreakers – onboarding session for certified facilitators only!

Our new online version of Wallbreakers is ready to fly!

Participate in the onboarding session to become equipped to use it in your upcoming Wallbreakers sessions. Here you will be introduced to the website, get tips and tricks regarding online facilitation and hands-on experience with the new tool.

The new online version of Wallbreakers is a web application that contains both a participant site and a facilitator site. The version is facilitated though meeting software that allows for break-out rooms, e.g. Zoom or MS Teams. The facilitator has the full overview of team performance and choices throughout the session that makes follow-up and debriefs smooth and easy.

When: June 8th from 1:00pm - 3:30pm CEST