Anissi Thorndal Abu-Ghazaleh

Senior Consultant | Consultants

Anissi is a Senior Consultant, specialized in strategic communication. She holds a master’s degree in Rhetoric from University of Copenhagen.

Anissi is driven by a life-long passion for the spectacular ability of words to shape minds, govern actions, and bring about change. Her experience ranges from political communication to strategic and change communication for major organisations within pharmaceuticals, IT, engineering, and logistics. Furthermore, she is an accomplished trainer as well as practitioner in the craft of creating convincing messages and distinct texts. 

Before joining Workz, Anissi was a one-woman army; working as an independent communication advisor and consultant for more than eight years. 

When Anissi is not typing or drawing enthusiastically on a whiteboard, you will most likely find her in the woods of Amager on an Icelandic horse named Thorsen.