Engaging the next generation of sponsors

In 2012 ChildFund Alliance was seeking new business strategies and new ways to communicate and collaborate with donors, sponsors and other stakeholders. The alliance wished to explore the possibilities that emerge in a changed cultural, economic and technological landscape, and asked Workz to develop a handful og business scenarios which could inspire the alliance and its members in new initiatives.

We started by conducting a workshop in Berlin with the leaders from each of the alliance’s 12 member countries. The workshop gave us an understanding of the alliance and its future challenges and possibilities and created the basis for close collaboration on development of scenarios based in cultural trends and communication paradigms. The result became a series of business concepts ranging from the short-range and pragmatic to the more visionary and long-range as well as a proposed action plan.

The CEO of ChildFund New Zealand, Paul Brown, who headed the project had this to say:

"Workz provided a powerful combination of fresh lateral thinking and a strong methodology to make sure our development was future-focused yet realistic.  Workz has opened our perspectives and helped us to identify a potential sequence of innovative new business models that we look forward to testing.  It has been great working with the Workz team, who have helped bridge the diverse cultures within our own Alliance through their facilitation, questioning and analysis."