Getting Involved with Gamification

One of the biggest successes of A Week of Play 2019 was the opportunity to experience Workz's take on involvement first-hand. By jumping straight into our leadership simulations together, guests got a taste of our mantra - the power of involvement. We were able to show and tell you some of the things we love about gamification. Our top three goes something like this:

From knowing to doing

The simulations take theories and ideas on leadership and organisational change and apply it right then and there. No need for endless guestimations on what may or may not happen when you can turn your thoughts into action instantly at the board.

Reflection in action

Once you act on the challenges presented in the simulation, you see scenarios play out in real time. This gives you the unique opportunity to reflect on your actions during the game and see things in a different light when you take a step back and evaluate your move.

Risk free feedback

Simulations are a safe playground. The scenarios are realistic but merely a reproduction of reality. This means you can experiment and explore the choices you make as the game progresses, with absolutely no consequences. You might have failed in the attempt to motivate your employees or complete a merger, but you are learning what choices let you to this situation and the good news is no one is affected by the (sometimes) devastating results.