SimCorp Plays Wallbreakers

When the HR department at SimCorp wanted to develop an internal course in change leadership, they needed some tools to do so and contacted Workz for help. The course was part of the ongoing leadership development programme, but SimCorp was also on the verge of moving to a new, modern head office. Senior management saw this as an opportunity to also bring about a cultural change in the company.

Wallbreakers became the backbone of the entire process. Before the move, all managers at SimCorp participated in a two-day course on change and change leadership. They were thus ready to understand and handle changes within their own department.

After the move, Workz developed a ‘culture tool’ in cooperation with the HR department. Each individual department manager could use the tool in connection with culture workshops for their employees.

In this way, SimCorp’s change leadership skills were raised. Via these leadership courses, the seeds were sown for a common leadership language on handling change. And the toolbox made it possible for individual managers to run a controlled involvement process, which aimed at putting the cooperation culture in the new building into words.

SimCorp continues to focus on change leadership and has subsequently certified several leading employees in the use of Wallbreakers. They use the simulation tool for management development in a number of countries. SimCorp has also used it to prepare employees for the implementation of new processes within customer services.