Key Issues™

Key Issues™ is a dialogue tool that, in an easy and simple way, ensures that your priorities and challenges concerning a specific field are made clear.

Key Issues™  is used in a specific leadership and strategic context where you want to have a dialogue about the organisation's ambitions, priorities, and challenges, or generally to discuss the maturity and organisational readiness in general within the field.

The tool helps create a structured dialogue where the problems and solutions that you need to deal with are articulated, while also shining a light on different perspectives in order to help you minimise blind spots.

Thematic versions

The mindset, standards, and systems are of course unique to the specific organisation. But many of the issues, are the same across sectors and organisations. Key Issues™ looks at the general challenges and helps you map your specific issues based on this.

Key Issues™ come in different versions; each dealing with a specific theme or challenge. We are constantly developing new versions, but at the time of writing these are in stock or in the pipeline.

Key Issues™ Change: On strategy implementation, change management and transformation. From having a compelling vision through management commitment to capability building.

Key Issues™ Compliance: On governance and adherence to tools, standard and regulations. From strategic fit, through a supporting culture, to ensuring flexibility and agility.

Key Issues™ Operational Excellence: On the cultivation and implementation of effective standard tools and procedures and business mindset. From prioritisation and decision-making through handling conflicting agendas to constantly improving the standards. 

Key Issues™ Digital Transformation: On the organisational challenges of succesful digital transformation.

Key Issues™ Team Performance (under development): On the leadership challenges of building high performing and well-functioning teams. From building trust and relations through shared language and structures to individual motivation and freedom.


  • To talk about a specific initiative or challenge, or to discuss organisational readiness and culture in general.
  • To ensure a structured dialogue that includes all perspectives.
  • To help identify the most important challenges when the prioritisation of issues is unclear.
  • As a tool for creating a common understanding and buy-in with employees, collaborators and stakeholders.
  • As a coaching tool to help cascade a process down through management layers.


  • Is available in English.
  • Can be used by two people where one facilitates the process for the other or in smaller groups where a helper assists, e.g. the board of directors or the group responsible for the change process
  • Has the size of a regular deck of cards
  • Includes a guide so it is easy to use without any prior knowledge
  • Sets the scene for 1-2 hours of structured dialogue
  • Key Issues™ costs DKK 500 excluding VAT for one deck of cards
  • The 12 themes of change management
    The 12 themes of change management
  • Themes are prioritised and evaluated
    Themes are prioritised and evaluated
  • Key Issues™ Change, game content
    Key Issues™ Change, game content