In the last decade, the process of taking pharmaceutical products to market has changed.

In a world where both young and old sp

How do you make leadership a key strategic driver in one of the world’s biggest private companies

In 2017 Lundbeck hosted its 2nd Global Leadership Summit with approximately 90 top managers inclu

We are very happy to share

Everybody knows testing is important.

Most of our clients and end-users are highly specialised within their area of knowledge.

A large part of our work revolves around designing custom-made solutions that support learning in

Carewan becomes the first international partner to invest in Bridgebuilder™!

How do you address collaboration and leadership across distance and cultures in a truly global or

Recently I attended a seminar about gamification and serious games.

How do you make sure that all new employees - from train drivers, over catering staff to administ

In a series of articles, we are introduced to the surprisingly long and rich history of serious g

What are the keys to successful organisational transformation?

In a series of articles, we are introduced to the surprisingly long and rich history of serious g

Innovative approaches in the public sector are growing in numbers.

“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play", wrote 

Nike gør det, Nissan gør det og Arla, DSB, COWI og mange flere gør det.

Game-based learning is receiving more and more attention as a learning and development tool i

Do you have a change challenge, and do none of our generic games fit?

Games are powerful tools in training and preparing organisations for change.

By presenting a strategy as a game you are able to involve employees in a dialogue without di

How do you test a new strategy before it has been rolled out?

When it comes to change a major obstacle is often the lack of understanding and the huge amou

With the expected life spans of companies decreasing these years, the margin in which they ar

How can we create a common outside-in understanding and a customers focus across functions and ge

What happens in the mind when we play?

How do you reinforce alignment of purpose, strategy implementation, business understanding, and c

Accelerating market understanding and strategic insights through gamification.

How do you create an opportunity for all employees to actively contribute to the implementation o

Throughout 2013 we assisted a number of organisations in strategy roll-outs and anchoring by cust

In 2013 The Danish Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs launched

In Arla Foods the matrix organisation 2.0 has been rolled out.

The mayor of a Chinese megacity, a middleclass family from India, the CEO of an American clothing

In 2012 ISS launched a new Nordic strategy.

In the beginning of Summer 2012 DSB changed their service concept – an organisational and cultura

Every year, the Danish construction business loses billions due to poor cooperation between the p

Getting new employees off to a good start is crucial in complex organisations.

How do you get highly specialised employees to include considerations of profit, payment rates, a

When Arla Foods wanted to anchor their brand position Closer to Nature™ in their organisation, it

Through tailor-made leadership training ISS tightened their focus on Integrated Facility Service