Change Climate Assessment

What is your employees mindset when to comes to change? How competent is your management team in change leadership? How many ongoing changes are your organisation experiencing right at this time?

When it comes to change, knowing the current status of your organisation is an essential prerequisite. That is why it is a good idea to map your territory before embarking on a change journey. This helps you set the direction and practice change management and leadership efficiently when moving forward.

By facilitating change projects over the years, we have become experienced in assessing the climate of client organisations and how ready they are for change. Making this assessment is something we strive to do as a part of the process before we help develop new change initiatives. However, we now offer this service as a product on its own, because we have seen that it can be very insightful as a stand alone service, too.

Whether we are talking about implementing new strategies, behavioural change or training, it is of great value to understand what other changes are happening in the organisation right now, and how managers and employees react to it.

What is a change climate assessment?

A change climate assessment is a look into the perception of the amount of changes the organisation is undergoing, as well as their impact on everyday work. It also looks into the employee and management buy-in and engagement, asking question like:

  • How many changes are we being asked to manage? 
  • How do they impact our performance? 
  • Do I see the changes as positive or negative? 
  • Do I understand the reason for the change? And why it is being handled the way it is?
  • How can I and my colleagues contribute to these changes? 

Perhaps most importantly, we look into how managers and employees prioritise these changes in their daily work. 

Our focus is on the human side of change. We are interested in the different stories, experiences and perceptions in the organisation, the importance of culture and the behavioural impact of leadership and communication.

How do we do it?

A Change Climate Assessment is conducted as a mix of digital surveys, interviews and workshops. In the workshops, we use gamification and dialogue tools to uncover the attitudes and knowledge in your organisation, and we scratch the surface to find out what people want to tell us, but also what we need to get out of them.

The assessment can be organisation-wide or narrowed down to a specific team or department. We can include employees or run it in the management team only.

A basic Change Climate Assessment can be combined with a field study where we spend time observing the behaviour to provide an even better understanding of the unspoken truths.

We can also merge our findings with the results of existing employee surveys for a fruitful synthesis.