Masterclass: Leading through intent

How do you create organisational momentum in times of high uncertainty? How do we lead for both alignment and autonomy as we navigate the friction of organisational change? How can we provide clear direction and a strong sense of empowerment and accountability across the organisation?

In this engaging masterclass, based on Stephen Bungay’s seminal book ‘The Art of Action’, we take a deep dive into three topics:

  • How to lead through intent, the roots of organisational friction and the interplay of alignment and autonomy. 
  • How to create a great brief on your strategic intent, formulating a short and clear strategic brief that provides direction in the face of complexity and uncertainty. 
  • How to organise and run an efficient ‘back-briefing’ session that translates the strategic brief to all parts of an organisation.

The two-day in-person masterclass in Copenhagen, combined with virtual pre- and post-engagement:

  1. Virtual start-up session (45 min) (Primo May)
  2. Virtual onboarding in learning teams (May) 
  3. In-person session in Copenhagen (June 6+7)
  4. Virtual follow-up in learning teams (August) 
  5. Virtual wrap-up session (90 min) (September)

This masterclass is for senior leaders and specialists who work with strategy execution and change management in complex organisations. A pre-requisite for joining is that you are working on at least one strategic change project where you want to apply approaches and tools from the masterclass. 

The price is DKK 9.500 ex. VAT. 

Your facilitators will be Mark Bouch and Ask Agger.

  • Mark Bouch is a British consultant and close collaborator of Stephen Bungay for many years. For 22 years he served in the British army before taking on a civilian career.
  • Ask Agger is the CEO of the change agency Workz A/S and has worked as a consultant and executive advisor for more than 20 years. His specialties include strategy activation, change management, storytelling, and game-based learning.