DTU Innovation forum

DTU (the Danish Technical University) is an important actor in Danish innovation and entrepreneurship and the organisation wishes to be a driving force in the debate about Denmark as an innovative nation. Therefore, in 2013, DTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship set up an innovation forum consisting of 40 prominent enthusiasts from the business world and public organisations.

The idea is that the group will meet up a number of times during the coming years in order to identify a number of key questions to be answered by a much larger group including DTU’s entire alumni network consisting of approximately 5000 members.

They are formidable at creating debate and uniting divergent points of view

DTU asked Workz to help plan and facilitate the meetings of the forum and during the fall we carried out two workshops. The first workshop focused on discussing the subject matter and establishing which themes were to be the focal points of the future meetings.

Six groups worked to identify a number of themes and prioritise them according to importance and opportunities for action. In that way, a list of described themes and challenges was created and at the second workshop the highest prioritized theme dealing was elaborated upon. The question addressed was how we can create a generation of enterprising you people.

In close collaboration with DTU Workz developed scripts and workshop materials and we facilitated both workshops.

"Workz have the finger on the pulse concerning the innovation development in Denmark. At the same time they are formidable at creating debate and uniting divergent points of view" says Marianne Thellersen, Group Director, DTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship.