Rethinking corporate communication

The producer counts down, “10 seconds until we're live,” and the lively chatter and laughter among the studio audience fall silent. '5, 4, 3...' Then, a jingle breaks the silence. “Hello, and a warm welcome to all of you.” 

Every third month, Pandora's canteen transforms into a professional TV studio. In front of a live studio audience, the company will broadcast a one-hour TV show packed with familiar elements reminiscent of afternoon TV shows by major broadcasters.

“As a large global company experiencing significant growth, we continuously seek innovative and engaging ways to keep our organisation updated on strategic initiatives,” says Christine Drud von Haffner, Director of Corporate Branding and co-host. 

Since 2021, Pandora has been perfecting this TV format to create an engaging platform that effectively reaches all employees. The goal is to foster a sense of togetherness among Pandora's employees, strengthening the company culture and promoting a shared vision.

Workz, in close collaboration with Pandora, played a key role in shaping the initiative and evolving the format over time. It was important for us to ensure that the strategic initiatives were presented in a playful way, and we helped with content and structure, as well as graphics design and animations.

“By creating an informal, relevant, fun, and playful format, we hope our employees across the organisation feel part of something bigger – and that we thereby help break down any organisational silos and physical distance. We always try to represent a wide range of employees as guest or contributors to the show,” says Christine.

While building on the format's familiarity, Pandora always seeks new and engaging ways to keep things exciting for the employees. Drawing inspiration from well-known broadcast TV formats, Pandora effectively conveys strategic updates, celebrates achievements, and highlights new developments. These efforts ensure that employees are well-informed, actively involved, and closely connected to the organisation's goals and progress.

The TV format serves as a driving force for employee engagement, inspiring active participation, idea-sharing, and contributions toward the collective success of the company.

As the show ticks towards the end, the studio buzzes with a profound energy, leaving the audience both motivated and eager for what lies ahead in Pandora’s ongoing journey.

If you didn't do this already, scroll back and watch the video presentation to see the transformative journey come to life.