Kristin Staveli Pettersen

Senior Consultant | Board, Consultants, Partner

Kristin is senior consultant with a speciality in implementing company strategies through actively engaging and involving the employees.

She has an extensive experience in helping large companies develop internal communication campaigns and engaging games and tools to help the organisations empower and involve the employees during change. 

She passionately believes that the key to succeed with an organisational change or implementing a new strategy, is to communicate smart, understandable, and frequently, and to find engaging and meaningful ways to involve employees in the process.

Kristin is also an experienced workshop facilitator and has worked with visual corportate storytelling in print and videos.

Kristin is originally from Norway, but moved to Denmark in 2001. Her work experience varies from television video producer to creative communications consultant. For the last six years she has worked with employee involvement, internal communication campaigns, and change communication within in some of Denmark’s largest organisations.