Boosting cross-organisational cooperation

How can we inspire interdisciplinary collaboration, across organisational boundaries?

This was the task DTU Nanotech set out to achieve, when designing their annual 2-day all-staff event.

Workz designed a complete program for us [...] with hugely positive feedback from all the attendees

The goal of the event, was to inspire all employees to create collaborations and new relationships, spanning DTU Nanotech’s organisational structure and varied fields of expertise; getting to know each other’s strengths, specialties and fields of research – and to inspire cross-organisational development. Not at modest goal for an organisation such as DTU Nanotech.

The result was a two-day Innovation Challenge, where DTU Nanotech gathered their 240 bright minds in March 2018.

"We need physicists, chemists, biologists and engineers to work together to make nanotechnology happen, and traditionally it has been hard to get people from these different disciplines talking. Workz designed a complete program for us, and the outcome really exceeded our expectations - not only did their tools and techniques keep a mixed crowd of more than 200 skeptical academics and administrators motivated and fully engaged the whole time, by the end of the program we had documented over 50 different ideas for collaborations, new technologies and potential proposals, with hugely positive feedback from all the attendees.”
Timothy Booth, Associate Professor, DTU Nanotech


In close collaboration with a task-force at DTU, Workz assisted with concept development, workshop design and facilitation of the event, including a co-creation workshop, working with the trends of tomorrow, idea development and pitches of the most inspiring ideas.