Culture change

Again and again studies show that a focus on people is of vital importance for succesful change o

This morning my 10-year-old daughter was running late f

Communication plays a key role in working with culture.

Conventional wisdom states that successful

How do you set strategic direction and strengthen a sha

Is a harsh tone of voice just a part of the culture in the restaurant kitchen, at the constru

How can we inspire interdisciplinary collaboration, across organisational boundaries?

Safety comes first.

Carewan becomes the first international partner to invest in Bridgebuilder™!

Recently I attended a seminar about gamification and serious games.

Risk identification and management is important, but how do you promote a culture of active risk

In a series of articles, we are introduced to the surprisingly long and rich history of serious g

Many leaders today find themselves managing teams with multiple nationalities and often distr

Who is your organisation’s first rebel?

How can we create a common outside-in understanding and a customers focus across functions and ge

Denmark's fifth largest bank, Sydbank, has a strong sales an

One accident at work with a fatal outcome is always one accident too many.

In 2013 The Danish Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs launched

The municipality of Copenhagen is undergoing an important change these years when it comes to the

Every year, the Danish construction business loses billions due to poor cooperation between the p

For Danish Railways (DSB) safety is about trying to avoid or minimise the next train accident, wh

When Arla Foods wanted to anchor their brand position Closer to Nature™ in their organisation

In 2010 the trade union FOA needed to strengthen the commitment among their members in preparatio

When Personalepolitisk Forum had the idea of a “Hverdagsmesterskab” (Everyday Championship) for t

In 2009, Coop Nonfood launched a new set of values.