Bridgebuilders leaves the nest

Carewan becomes the first international partner to invest in Bridgebuilder™!

In February we finished our new leadership simulation, Bridgebuilders, and we have now taken the first steps in the process of rolling it out globally.

Our partner in Paris, Carewan, already knew the game, as they had been a great help in the development. Together with our research partners and a handful of international corporations they contributed in the shaping of the product from sharing of data and experiences, to participating in playtests and prototyping. So we were especially happy, when they decided to adopt the product and have several of their consultants certified.

On May 2nd we travelled to Paris for a two day workshop where 13 consultants were trained in using Bridgebuilders in their work with clients. We are now eagerly anticipating the roll-out in France and across Asia, where Carewan are in the process of expanding.

Bridgebuilders is specifically directed at leadership across distance and cultures and we feel certain that it will be good tool in Carewan’s work with international clients.