Mass-scale Union Engagement

How do you ignite thousands of union members to take local action? 

FOA is the third largest trade union in Denmark with 180,000 members engaged in a variety of public sector services, from fire, public transport and childcare, to nursing and caring services for the elderly.

Over the last few years, the members have been met with demands for substantial public budget reductions as well as ever increasing demands on efficiency at the workplaces. Several dangerous incidents have taken place, even fatal ones, and in order to engage in a joint protest, 2000 union representatives gathered in Odense Congress Center.

Good advice, great ideas, and practical solutions

Workz was asked to assist with the design of the event including the development of a series of engagement concepts. In close collaboration with FOA, a wide range of tools were developed. A personal action book, full of useful input on regulations and action ideas. A “threat radar” process map was made aiming at sharing the participants' own experiences with everyday dangerous situations. Finally, templates that called for actions were on the tables and engaged the huge amount of people in designing their own actions, tailored for local protests.

"Workz provided us with good advice, great ideas, and practical solutions for the summit and we highly appreciated Workz´ high standards, good spirits, and dedicated collaboration. The participants gave very positive feedback to us and scored the summit an average of 8 out of 10", says Tony Selvig, Consultant, FOA