The Quest Game

Which transformative journeys are available for modern corporations, and how do you pick the right quest? And when you embark on a strategic journey, how do you navigate the critical blockers and unleash the needed enablers?

The Quest framework is created by IMD professors Anand Narasimhan and Jean-Louis Barsoux. The idea and concept was first published in a book and later presented in a HBR article: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Change Management.

As part of the strategic collaboration between IMD and Workz, the Quest framework has been turned into a gamified tool that is used in IMD programs and internal corporate processes.    

The game facilitates strategic conversations on how to select and lead transformative journeys. It can be used to explore challenges and opportunities at both company, department, team and personal levels.

The Quest framework and game can be used at both short intensive workshops and as part of longer training and development processes. 

Watch this introduction movie by Professor Anand Narasimhan and feel free to reach out to our CEO, Ask Agger, if you are interested in learning more about the framework and what it can do for your next strategic journey.