DEI Roundtable: Moving from Why to How

DEI Roundtable: Moving from Why to How

Join us on August 15, from 16.00-18.00 CEST for an informal afternoon session about DE&I with our colleagues Kristin and Anissi.

We will test an early-stage prototype of our new conversational tool for shaping culture and norms in the workplace and host a roundtable conversation on current challenges and barriers in the field and how to move forward together.


  • Demonstrate a new engaging conversation tool: could this be a way forward?
  • Roundtable conversations:
    • Moving from why to how – what would the next steps look like?
    • Which barriers, setbacks or challenges do we face?
    • How do you engage your leaders and executive teams to take active ownership?
  • Continued conversation over a glass of wine (with or without alcohol) and a snack. 

We invite everyone working with DE&I or with a specific interest or knowledge in the field to join us. We aim to facilitate a session that invites your experiences in the field and allows us to connect and share ideas.

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About this event:

Our aim is for you to exchange insights, inspire each other, discussing real-world challenges and solutions.  

Our goal is not to provide solutions and answers. Instead, this session will focus on dialogue and knowledge sharing rather than a specific case or initiative, as we are confident in bringing a group of like-minded individuals to engage on this topic. DE&I has proven its impact as a driver for organisation development and business results. Thus, we hope these conversations will provide a unique opportunity to talk and build on each other’s ideas.

This is a free event with limited seating.