The Quest game - Virtual Certification

Which transformative journeys are available for modern corporations, and how do you pick the right quest? And when you embark on a strategic journey, how do you navigate the critical blockers and unleash the needed enablers?

A half-day virtual certification course on how to apply the Quest framework and facilitate the Quest game.

The certification will be run by Professor Anand Narasimhan and Workz CEO Ask Agger.


  • Introduction to the Quest framework incl. the research foundation and how to apply the approach when working with strategy development and change management.
  • Outline of the Quest game incl. side exercises and how to adjust the tool to different settings and target groups. 
  • Training in how to set-up and run the Quest game.
  • Facilitation tips and tricks.

The Quest framework is created by IMD professors Anand Narasimhan and Jean-Louis Barsoux. As part of the collaboration between IMD and Workz, the Quest framework has been turned into a gamified tool that is used in IMD programs and internal corporate processes.  

This virtual certification course is for people who works as internal or external consultants and change agents in complex organisations. The framework and training is relevant if your work with strategy development or focus on change management.

Date & Time: May 29, 2024. From 13.00-16.00 CET.


€ 750 ex. VAT. The fee includes training, a copy of the Quest game set, and follow-up support. The fee also includes license for unlimited use of the Quest game set. The cost of shipping the materials is not included.