In the beginning of Summer 2012 DSB changed their service concept – an organisational and cultural change that changed the work life of over 1.000 employees all over the country. A significant challenge that did not grow smaller by the fact that the new concept had to be rolled out leading up to a busy holiday season, and with respect for a tight schedule that made it difficult to take employees out of operation for training activities.

Workz assisted with the roll-out of the new concept called Service 1-2-3. It is an integrated training solution that includes peer-to-peer training, game-based training, film production and online tools. Through a great deal of work across the organisation the new concept was successfully on its wings, especially thanks to active involvement of change agents and clear communication at eye level.

All cultural change takes time and the work with Service 1-2-3 continues, but the new service concept has been sent off to a flying start and has already contributed to better experiences for the customers and a more dynamic workday for the employees.

”We had a defined service concept that in a short amount of time had to be rolled out among 1.000 employees, riding around on the trains, and therefore unable to be in the same place at the same time. Workz was an inspiring partner in the process of getting ideas for the roll out and amazingly quick and accurate in the composition of material, especially the game. I am impressed with their insight into the mechanisms and the flow throughout the task. We reached the finish line and met both time schedules and budget” says Marianne Mygiind, Business Manager East, DSB Onboard Service