Engaging 5000 Union Representatives

How do you go about engaging 5000 union representatives in the debate about post employment benefits when you have a tight deadline? ā€“ You invite them to the largest dialogue meeting in Denmark. Workz contributed with concept, movie production, dialogue tools and logistics for a unique event in Odense that had active involvement as pivotal point.

The objective was to send an explicit message and at the same time ensure that the organisation was heard internally. Rather than just letting 5000 people sit and listen it was decided that the task really was about getting all the participants mobilised and involved in a authentic and engaging way. Therefore, all the participants were sat around tables where they, as a group, had to come up with arguments for and against preserving the right to post employment benefits.

"Workz were easy to collaborate with and had the necessary flexibility which was crucial in a project that was planned in 2,5 weeks. However, the most important factor for the success of the project was the initial creative sparring with Workz. On that basis, they produced a programme draft that spoke to both heart and mind" says Helle Seerup department manager of the organisational department, LO.