Innovation Toolbox

Copenhagen University is working intensely on improving the education in all faculties.

Innovation didactics is emerging as a very promising way to improve motivation and learning. In context of the NextGen project, Katalyst at the Faculty of Humanities and Catapult at the Faculty of Science have worked on implementing principles and perspectives from innovation theory in the lessons of a broad range of subjects.

Workz have given the professional and technical sparring that was needed

In 2012 they asked Workz to develop a toolbox for teachers and lecturers. After having interviewed a number of the future users we created a digital toolbox with processes, methods and planning tools.

You can find the toolbox at, where it continues to expand and evolve. It now contains an extensive library of innovation materials, methods and tools that will inspire not only teachers but also other people working with innovation on a daily basis.

“Workz have, beyond any doubt, been the right choice of collaborator/business partner for the conceptual development of the Toolbox for Innovation and Entrepreneurship."

"Workz have given the professional and technical sparring that was needed in order for the project to be a success and they have had a thorough understanding of our target group, the professional content and the collaboration between different faculties that the project has required.

"Workz’ participation has given us a qualified basis for decision-making regarding the further development and anchoring. Furthermore, it has been a pleasure to work with people who are that happy and committed", says Project Manager Marjanne Kurth