People engagement at TRYG

When the insurance group Tryg was about to start working on a new market initiative concerning customer focus, employee involvement across geographical and organisational borders was of utmost importance. 

As all other service companies, Tryg needs to constantly enhance its customer focus. In an organisation of their size, where all employees do not come into direct contact with the customers, the attention to the needs of the end users is weakened if it is not constantly maintained.

During a short and intense period of time and in collaboration with the marketing department Workz developed a concept which introduced the employees to the new initiatives and at the same time involved them in creating content for it. We invited all employees to help set the bar for the future customer-related marketing efforts.

The end product was a workshop that combined movies, storytelling, board games and interactive web content. The participants were asked to tell stories about customers and then transform them into movies. Just about all of Workz’ concepts were deployed; from movie production over process and game design to managing a complex online solution.

The concept was designed to fit into existing marketing and HR initiatives in the same area. This ensured that the participants experienced the workshop as a relevant and natural part of their work.

The project was a huge success in the organisation. The participating departments had a great experience and the organisers obtained valuable input to their future work. More than 3500 employees and managers from four Nordic countries participated in the workshop and TrygVesta facilitated the more than 400 workshops themselves.